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Power tools save us an enormous amount of time and effort whether we are working on a small household chore or a large industrial project so it's very critical to make sure your drill batteries are in good working condition. At Drill Battery Store, we provide replacement cordless power tool batteries made with the highest quality parts in the industry at a fraction of the OEM cost. Most of our replacement tool batteries are even made with the same cells as the OEM manufacturers. We offer NiCD, NiMH, and Li-Ion cordless drill batteries for name brand tools such as Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, Black and Decker, Craftsman, Paslode, Dyson, and many others. All of these power tool batteries are covered by our 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and full 1 year warranty.

NEW Power Tool Batteries

Dewalt DC9096 battery
Dewalt DC9096 Cordless Drill Battery
Ni-MH, 18V, 3000mAh
Price: US $39.78

Makita BL1840 battery
Power Tool Battery for Makita BL1840
Li-ion, 18V, 4000mAh
Price: US $42.21

Bosch BAT025 battery
Cordless Drill Battery for Bosch BAT025
Ni-Cd, 18V, 2000mAh
Price: US $39.16

Milwaukee 48-11-1852 battery
Milwaukee 48-11-1852 Power Tool Battery
Ni-Cd, 18V, 2000mAh
Price: US $38.17

Black Decker HPB18 battery
Black & Decker HPB18 Cordless Drill Batteries
Ni-Cd, 18V, 2000mAh
Price: US $35.15

Paslode 902654 battery
Power Tool Batteries for Paslode 902654
Li-ion, 7.4V, 1500mAh
Price: US $31.41

Craftsman 130211004 battery
Craftsman 130211004 Cordless Drill Battery
Ni-Cd, 19.2V, 2000mAh
Price: US $39.27

Ryobi P102 battery
Ryobi P102 Power Tool Battery
Li-ion, 18V, 1500mAh
Price: US $31.65

Dyson V6 battery
Vacuum Cleaner Battery for Dyson V6
Li-ion, 21.6V, 2000mAh
Price: US $39.40

Dewalt DC9182 battery
Cordless Drill Battery for Dewalt DC9182
Li-ion, 14.4V, 3000mAh
Price: US $32.96

Dewalt DCB205 battery
Power Tool Battery for Dewalt DCB205
Li-ion, 18V, 5000mAh
Price: US $46.74

Hitachi BSL1830 battery
Hitachi BSL1830 Cordless Drill Battery
Li-ion, 18V, 3000mAh
Price: US $48.26

Frequently Asked Questions about Cordless Drill Batteries

How long should I charge my drill battery?

How long you charge your power tool battery depends on many factors such as how discharged the battery is. Typically an overnight charge is sufficient to charge a battery, but in some cases it can take longer. Often, most chargers have an indicator light telling you when your battery is fully charged and ready to be used.

Can I use a NiCD or NiMH battery?

If your tool currently has a NiCD battery, you can upgrade to a NiMH battery as long as your charger will accept a NiMH battery. The same goes for if you have a NiMH battery and want to switch to a NiCD battery. One of the biggest differences between these two rechargeable chemistry's is that NiMH batteries generally have a larger capacity.

How do I properly dispose of my old battery?

You can usually take your batteries to a local battery store or scrap yard to be properly disposed of.

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